One Second ...... transformed by the renewing of the mind.
                                                                                                                           We Believe
    That learning is the utmost that one can do for oneself and for God.  He provided us the ability to think - not just mundane, surface level thoughts - which lead to mundane surface level actions, relationships, experiences, and life - but meaningful, introspective, observations, thoughts, actions and prayer....
    Given this “philosophy,” teaching is the foundation to our ministry and we promise to push the “norm” - as much as possible - all the time - in order that diligent study, including diligent study and application of Scripture,  regains the respect it once held in communities around the world just a mere 200-300 years ago..... not to mention during the time of Christ and before.           

teaching is sharing, sharing is good, therefore.......

    We recommend and will be offering a ten (10) week Introduction To Theology class class from The Theology Program (TTP) which in our opinion is a sound, meaningful program that teaches the truth. For more information click on the link on the graphic to the right and or here.

Here is a link to my study notes from Love Your God With All Your Mind,
 J.P. Moreland which "Study%20Notes.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0