One Second.......

We are bound....
   Together we are in this.......never alone, always together. We are sisters and brothers, trying to make sense of an insensible place and insensible lives.....

    We are bound first by God’s Glory......and second and every other step beyond the first,  by God Himself.....and our innate desire to find Him.

 Take a second, or two to slow down, to gather yourselves, to look out and see, not just glance, but see who and what is around you, and then - after that nano-second of thought, pray for someone who catches your eye, your attention, your mind, your heart,......your soul.  

    Do this for a while today, do it every day......if nothing else its an entertaining, and amusing way to spend a few seconds........imagine if turns into a minute or two...

    We are hopeful that the seconds you take over the next short period of time are memorable, meaningful and bring you peace.  Please do share them with others in the spirit of sharing to encourage, share, provide and strengthen others hope.......of course we’d love to have you share them here so together we can be a build a place of hope online.....Together, we seek Him and together we change the world.  You/You.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0
        of the Glory Jesus